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The easy cash loans that we do offer can be repaid at once or regarding instalment. It’s you to select which way to go. We do have a standard charge that largely relies on the principal amount of loan you requested from our platform. This is normally calculated basing on the percentage of the principle loan borrowed

The loan limit basis is what we use to determine how much you can borrow from us since we do not request for security on the loans that we do have. Thus is you your loan limit will dictate the maximum amount of money that you can loan from our platform at You can allow your loan limit to grow by continuously using our online lending services. Despite that, $ 5000 is the maximum amount of money that you can borrow from our online platform at When you apply for the loans on our platform, then you must be ready to adhere to the terms and conditions that we normally have. You must also be sure that a delay or default in the repayment of the loans that you have borrowed from our online platform normally attracts a penalty. This will make your loan repayment to be very expensive that you can’t even bear. That is why in case you delay repaying your loans then it’s important that you make earlier communications. Adhering to our terms and conditions will allow you to have an amazing and smooth experience when you apply for the loans on our platform. will always be ready for you to consider when applying for the loans. We are ready to assist you where necessary.